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Video call through avatar

Live Avatar • Video Call

Navatar is a client application that protects identity of video call participants, and allows users to fully express themselves through their avatars, which capture the user’s real time facial expression.

Empowered by computer vision technology on facial landmarks capturing.

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Workflow • Chatbot manages workflows with users through messaging apps(e.g. Whatsapp, Messenger).

Real time responsive chat flow integrated with external system, a messaging app interface that replaces websites/web forms/emails and repetitive communications.

Built-in flexible integration API module to integrate with any enterprise CRM or external systems.

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Emotion AI • Attention AI • Attendance AI

Real time capture participants' emotion, attention and identity through edge-based computer vision technology.

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NLP AI • No Code

ChatParse.AI provides NLP AI models which are ready to be used, no further training is needed.

For chatbot/CRM/auto-reply/auto-forward/auto-tagging/auto-everything after the AI categorizes what the user message is about.

Other than restful APIs, it integrates with #nocode platforms

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About Us

Navatar is ChatCampaign Ltd’s forth AI product. It utilises computer vision AI and facial key points capturing technology to produce a realistic and expressive animated avatar to hide the real person’s facial features from video calls. The vision of Navatar is to build deeper connection between people in a virtual world, yet allow them to remain private.

Before Navatar, the company received a researcher grant from Hong Kong Government in 2021 to facilitate our frontier R&D on computer vision AI to enable the most cutting edge technology in an application level, which gave birth to our first computer vision AI - Socially Aware Machine (SAM) on video call emotion and attention detection. More details at

Before our computer vision AI R&D, company’s first product is, which began as a customer outreach tools through messaging apps. The idea was originated by the founder's previous startup, a social commerce platform. The users were not willing to download a new mobile app, yet always missed out the shopping community newsletter. There was a gap on customer engagement and therefore the idea of was born due to the needs of the previous company. Over the years, has moved from simple chatbot management platform to a full customer lifecycle management service and provides enterprise service to reputational MNC.

Other than raising funds from our angel investor Thomas Ng, and received grants from Hong Kong Science Park, the company bootstrapped and remain break even.

ChatCampaign teammates working at different cities. The diversity of the team keep on bringing in innovative solutions to our customers.