Marketing that makes people feel
warm and happy
Social Campaigns
Register more members quickly by running interactive marketing campaigns.
Engagement rate can be up to 314% of traditional marketing campaigns.
Re-target marketing and improve loyalty on members
Visual interface to easily create an interactive campaign.
Get Feedbacks
Easily gather user information and feedback all within a chatbot.
Completion rate of surveys can reach 85%
Unfinished surveys can be followed up manually
Gathered user information can be viewed at platform, or downloaded as Excel worksheet
Loyalty Program
A diverse loyalty program activities, limited time offer, lucky draw, e-coupon etc.
Get more foot traffic with loyalty program, distribute thousands of coupons in short period of time.
Integrated with social platforms, automatically connect and manage members from online to offline.
Integrated with Facebook advertising platform, auto-categorize members and allow re-targeting marketing.
Via conversational marketing, automatically register, collect and categorize members' information. All-in-one platform to manage reward programs, e-coupons usage, and follow up customer service remarks and labels.
Visualize Interface
Our drag-and-drop interface allows you to easily express your creativity and create an interactive conversational marketing campaign quickly.

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