Marketing that makes people feel
warm and happy
Social Campaigns
For marketers to run interactive campaigns for products or services, with the ability to sell products all within a chat interface.
Engagement rate can reach up to 54%
Re-engage audience from previuos campaigns
Drag-and-drop an interactive campaign within 3 minutes.
Get Feedbacks
For organizations to quickly and easily gather feedback, and send surveys all within Messenger.
Completion rate of surveys can reach 85%
Unfinished surveys can be followed up manually
Survey results can be one-click-exported to Excel
Loyalty Program
Get more foot traffic with our O2O customer loyalty program on messaging apps
Subscribe loyalty program, broadcast loyalty gifts, and gift redemption all within messenger!
Completion rate of registrations can reach 85%
Easily manage points redemption and coupons through our built-in CRM
Create conversation flows to gather customer information, integrates with social media to automatically acquire and populate your customers data from Messenger.
ChatCampaign CRM provide a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create a functional interactive conversation form within minutes.
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